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Micro Dermabrasion

Our gentle yet effective microdermabrasion facial treatment uses refined crystals on the surface of the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells. It gives great results at resurfacing the skins texture, overall brightness, tone and clarity and can reduce scarring.

Appointements are limited please call the student salon to check availability.


1 hr 15mins

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A gentle yet effective resurfacing treatment that uses microcrystals in combination with an exclusive diamond wand to improve skin texture, minimize fine lines plus reduce pigmentation and scarring. Skin is instantly brighter and more refined.

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30 mins

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Features a double cleanse, cream mask and personalised skincare in conjunction with a regenerating microdermabrasion treatment for ultra smooth, radiant skin.

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Extreme Regeneration Mask

15 MIN

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A regenerating, soothing and intensely hydrating treatment.

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Radiance Intense Eye Mask

15 MIN

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An Intensive anti-ageing eye treatment. Your eyes will be bright and radiant.

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